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At Braintax we believe in clarity and honesty. Our drivers always use transparent meter prices within the Eindhoven region, so that you know exactly what you pay.


We offer special rates for journeys outside the city (approximately +15 km) and we are happy to make a clear price agreement.


Airport Distance
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol~125 km€200€240
Brussels Airport Zaventem~120 km€200€240
Düsseldorf Airport~120 km€200€240
Frankfurt Airport~350 km€475€574
Charles de Gaulle Airport~470 km€675€800
Rotterdam The Hague Airport~110 km€190€230
Weeze Airport~90 km€150€180
Keulen Bonn Airport~175 km €275€325

Villages surrounding Eindhoven

City Distance
Aalst<15 kmon the meter
Best<15 kmon the meter
Nuenen<15 kmon the meter
Sint Oedenrode~17km€50€70
Son en Breugel<15 kmon the meter
Valkenswaard<15 kmon the meter
Veldhoven<15 kmon the meter
Waalre<15 kmon the meter
Wintelre<15 kmon the meter

Distant places

City Distance
Alkmaar~175 km€275€335
Almere~130 km€209€249
Alphen aan den Rijn~125 km€200€240
Amersfoort~90 km€180€220
Amsterdam~125 km€200€245
Amstelveen~120 km€195€240
Apeldoorn~100 km€190€230
Arnhem~80 km€150€180
Bergen op Zoom~80 km€150€180
Breda~50 km€110€135
Deurne~30 km€75€100
Delft~125 km€200€240
Delfzijl~280 km€420€500
Den Haag~130 km€205€250
Deventer~115 km€200€240
Drachten~220 km€345€415
Dordrecht~95 km€180€210
Ede~88 km€160€190
Eersel~18 km€55€80
Emmen~240 km€393€475
Enschede~170 km€270€330
Gemert~25 km€70€95
Gorinchem~75 km€145€180
Groningen~250 km€350€420
Haarlem~145 km€233€275
Hapert~23 km€65€90
Helmond~15 km€55€75
Hoorn~180 km€258€300
Leeuwarden~220 km€341€400
Leiden~135 km€209€249
Maastricht~90 km€167€200
Nijmegen~75 km€143€175
Oirschot~15 km€54€80
Ooste-iddelbeers~20 km€59€80
Reusel~25 km€70€95
Roermond~60 km€120€135
Rotterdam~110 km€200€240
's-Hertogenbosch~35 km€85€115
Tilburg~30 km€80€110
Utrecht~90 km€160190
Venlo~60 km€117€135
Venray~50 km€90€120
Vlissingen~190 km€275€335
Westland~140 km€229€260
Zwolle~130 km€213€250
Zaanstad~135 km€218€260
Zoetermeer~120 km€200€240

Is your destination not listed? Compare with a location nearby or contact us and receive an immediate quote.

*Please note: Rates are to/from Eindhoven and may vary based on exact location and other factors.

** The stated rates do not apply during night hours between 00:00 and 06:00 or on public holidays and at events in Eindhoven or the surrounding area. In such cases a surcharge (usually 30%) may be applied. Rates are subject to change.

*** Om te kunnen profiteren van onze voordelige standaard tarieven hanteren wij de volgende voorwaarden:
– De reservering dient minstens 24 uur van tevoren worden gemaakt te worden.
– De betaling dient volledig of gedeeltelijk vooraf voldaan te worden.

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