Onze diensten

Onze diensten.

Hieronder presenteren wij een overzicht van al onze beschikbare diensten.
Of het nu gaat om het regelen van professioneel vervoer voor uzelf of uw gewaardeerde gasten, bij Braintax waarborgen wij een zakelijke benadering waarbij tijdsnauwkeurigheid, ongeëvenaard comfort en onberispelijke veiligheid de hoogste prioriteit hebben. Onze onwrikbare toewijding aan gastvrijheid staat te allen tijde voorop.

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Rapid service!

Need a taxi quickly?
Within 10 minutes, we can have a taxi at your location in Eindhoven.

Whether you're traveling alone or with a group, our individual and group taxis offer unparalleled space and comfort for every occasion.

Your comfort is our priority, all within 10 minutes.

Explore vibrant Eindhoven and its surroundings in style with our comfortable taxis. Our local drivers know the city like no other and will swiftly and efficiently take you to your destination.

Eindhoven Airport (official partner) & other airports

Fixed Taxi Service

Need a taxi on a regular basis?

Discover our new service: Structural Taxi Rides

At Braintax, we understand that some customers need a reliable and consistent transportation solution. That's why we introduce our Structural Taxi Rides, a tailored service for those who regularly need a taxi.

Whether you need a ride to work, school, the station, or the airport every day, we've got you covered. With our Structural Taxi Rides, you can count on punctuality and convenience, every time.

What to expect:
A personalized price tailored to your transportation needs.
The option to have a dedicated driver assigned, providing you with a familiar face behind the wheel.
Flexible options for daily or weekly rides, so you can choose what suits you best.
Let us help you arrive stress-free and on time at your destination. Contact us today to learn more about our Structural Taxi Rides and how we can support your daily travel needs. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities!"

Eindhoven Airport (official partner) & other airports

Start your journey worry-free with Braintax!

Explore our dedicated airport taxis ready to effortlessly transport you from Eindhoven to renowned airports such as Eindhoven Airport, Schiphol, Düsseldorf, Zaventem, Charleroi, or Rotterdam Airport. Comfort and punctuality are a given.

But that's not all. We also pick you up from other locations and take you to Eindhoven Airport. As a preferred partner, we have the license and access to the nearest taxi stand at Eindhoven (Airport), so you don't have to walk far with your luggage. This is ideal for individuals with limited mobility or a lot of luggage. Unlike others, we don't drop you off on the street but at the kiss&ride or even closer to the official taxi stand. [Click here for more information].

At Braintax, our goal is to make your airport experience as worry-free and straightforward as possible.

Learn more about our airport services.

Hotel Taxi Service

Discover our excellent hotel taxi service!

Explore our high-quality hotel taxi service designed to provide you with a worry-free journey to your accommodation. Our experienced drivers ensure you a serene ride, allowing you to enjoy your time with us undisturbed.

We gladly take care of your luggage, from loading to unloading. As your personal guide, we also assist you in finding suitable accommodation in Eindhoven or the surrounding area if you haven't made a reservation yet.

Proudly serving as the exclusive hotel taxi for a renowned hotel in Eindhoven for years, our in-depth knowledge of transporting hotel guests allows us to serve you masterfully. Our drivers are familiar with Eindhoven and its hidden treasures, ensuring you are comfortably transported with attention to every detail and a focus on quality.

If you are a hotelier or an employee looking to provide important guests with the same courteous service they expect from your hotel, you've come to the right place. We are ready to treat your valued guests with the same care and attention during their journey.

Guide and Tours Service

Discover Eindhoven in Style: Experience Our Guide, Taxi, and Tour Service!

Explore Eindhoven in an engaging and informative way with our Guide, Taxi, and Tour options. Our experienced guides take you on a unique adventure through the city, where you'll discover its rich history, vibrant culture, and remarkable landmarks. Whether you're traveling alone, with family, or in a group, our personalized tours provide in-depth insights into what Eindhoven and its surroundings have to offer. From modern architecture to historical treasures, we showcase the highlights and hidden gems. Book your unforgettable tour with Guide, Taxi, and Tours today to experience Eindhoven in an entirely new way.

For this outstanding service, we provide carefully selected drivers who excel in their knowledge of Eindhoven. Our fleet consists of luxury vans, and we offer customized rates, including an hourly rate that covers the driver and other expenses. We invite you to contact us for comprehensive information and discussions.

VIP & Business drive

Specialization in Dignitaries and Confidential Expedited Delivery of Shipments and Documents:

With our extensive experience in this domain, we are committed to providing excellent services for both the transportation of prominent individuals and the delivery of confidential documents and shipments. Our dedication goes beyond merely facilitating transport; we offer an unparalleled combination of luxury, security, and confidentiality. Our skillful approach enables us to handle the specific needs of each transport with the utmost care. We employ both our luxurious taxis and more discreet vehicles, depending on your specific requirements. You can fully rely on our professional and responsible service that exceeds your expectations.

Whatever your requirements may be, you can trust that our professional approach and impeccable service will ensure your peace of mind. We warmly invite you to contact us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Learn more about our business services

Event Management!

At Braintax we understand that organizing group outings and events can be a challenging task. That's why we now offer a brand new service that greatly simplifies the planning of your event – Event Management for Groups. With our expertise in transportation and accommodation, you can rely on Braintax to make your event run smoothly. Whether it's a company outing, a wedding, a conference or a special party, we take care of all the logistics so you can focus on having fun and interacting with your guests.

Our services include:

  • Customized transport: From comfortable taxi rides to coordinating group transport, we take care of all the details to get your guests to their destination safely and on time.
  • Accommodation: Let us manage your accommodation needs, from hotel reservations to special packages, so your guests can stay in style.
  • Event planning: Our experienced team is ready to assist with the planning and execution of your event, including venue selection, catering and entertainment.
  • Personal attention: We tailor our services to your specific wishes and ensure that your event is unforgettable.

Don't worry about the details. Let Braintax make your event a success. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and find out how we can help you organize an event.

Park, Taxi & fly

Most parking and shuttle services often make you wait outside in the cold and make you dependent, unlike us, where you are guaranteed to be met at the kiss-and-ride zone. The most comfortable and stress-free way to start your trip from Eindhoven Airport! We understand all too well that your journey starts the moment you step out of your front door. That's why we developed Park, Taxi & Fly to make your trip to Eindhoven Airport as easy, affordable and worry-free as possible. Read more about our Park, taxi & fly service

Special transport

Do you have specific preferences? Think of:

* Sending documents and postal items
* A female driver if desired
* Availability of high chairs and Maxi-Cosi's
* Availability of high chairs and Maxi-Cosi's
* Traveling with guidance: Some of our drivers are qualified in healthcare, including personal supervisors for specific target groups.

Your comfort is our priority. Call us for more information or to discuss your specific needs.

Seated healthcare- and patient-transport (with Caring Comfort)

Experience the difference with our seated healthcare transport at Braintax Eindhoven. Our dedicated drivers not only help with safe transportation, but are also there for your comfort. We assist with getting in and out, fold wheelchairs and walkers and put them in the back. As an extra service, we will even remind you of your appointment an hour in advance, if desired. Trust Braintax for personal and caring patient transport.


De lichte pechhulp van Braintax biedt u noodhulp in Eindhoven en omstreken. Bij Braintax begrijpen we dat pech onderweg niet alleen frustrerend is, maar ook uw veiligheid in gevaar kan brengen. Daarom introduceren wij met trots onze nieuwe dienst: Lichte Pechhulp! Wij staan binnen 15 minuten voor u klaar met snelle en betrouwbare hulp, waar u ook bent. De calamiteitendienst van Braintax helpt u snel wanneer het uiterst nodig is!
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More than 10 vans available

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